A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. ~Phyllis Diller.

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Not feeling confident with your smile? Do those teeth that always look dark on photos really bother you?  Maybe you think it is too late to have your teeth straightened?  Straightening your teeth does not have to take years.   It does not always have to be expensive either.

  • The treatment you always wanted.  Available NOW.

  • Treatment time measured in days.

  • Safe – Easy – Effective.

  • Affordable and available to most patients of all ages.

  • Non extraction in nearly all cases.

  • Easy retention programme.

Professional and caring – AR (London)

Stephan, I’d like to take this opportunity, to thank you and your team once more for providing such a first class service throughout the duration of my treatment. From consultation to completion, the entire process has been truly outstanding and delivered in a professional and caring environment. I feel Fastbraces really worked for me and delivered fantastic results. My smile has been transformed and given me a new confidence.
I would not hesitate to recommend your practice, in fact I already have. I will also continue to use IGDP for all future dental requirements.

Professional and caring – AR (London), – AR (London)

Experience matters

Stephan van Vuuren is a proud FASTBRACES® provider and FASTBRACES® Expert*

Stephan van Vuuren is the FIRST dentist in London and the UK to offer this new and exciting technology to straighten your teeth in 3 months to about a year.

*FASTBRACES® Expert refers to a merit status based on the standards set out by the AAO (American Association for Orthodontics) for American orthodontists. A Senior Master Affiliate has completed at least 100 cases to these standards.


  • Fastbraces® Award of Recognition from Orthoworld®, earning him the title of Visionary Leader 2012 International.
  • Master Provider Award from Orthoworld® LLC in 2013
  • Senior Master Provider Award from Orthoworld® LLC in 2016
  • Speaker”s Hall of Fame Award from Orthoworld® LLC in 2016
  • First provider of Fastbraces® in the United Kingdom
  • First certified provider in the world for Fastbraces® TURBO™ brackets
  • Distinguished Speaker Award from Orthoworld® LLC 2017
  • Annual 2017 Viazis™ First Place Award from Orthoworld®
  • Stephan presents seminars about Fastbraces® in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Europe, the USA, Canada, Scandinavia, South Africa and India.
  • Go to FASTBRACES® USA for more information.

Tony Viazis (left), the inventor of FASTBRACES® , presenting Stephan van Vuuren (middle) with the Senior Master Provider award in Dallas in 2016. On the right is Evangelos Viazis, who has done some magical work with FASTBRACES® in his practices in Athens.

Stephan van Vuuren receiving the Annual Viazis Award 2017 from Dr Tony Viazis for the dentist that can move teeth the fastest in the world with FASTBRACES®